Battle of the Bricks

battle of the bricks

Today many youth are surrounded by negativity, particularly during the summer. The Battle of the Bricks primary goal is to be a consistent vehicle for youth to develop their character and life skills necessary to create opportunities for themselves and work with others from diverse backgrounds.

While activities will showcase their individual skills, those skills mean little without these attributes. The mental and social development of our young people is vital to them being successful and capable of giving back to the communities by which they come from by being role models, encouraging others and defying the odds.


  • To provide mentoring, positive supervised recreation and guidance to city youth. The league will be both competitive and developmental in its mission to teach the importance of TEAMWORK, SPORTSMANSHIP AND OTHER LIFESKILLS ESSENTIAL TO THEIR OVERALL DEVELOPMENT AS PEOPLE.


  • To teach youth how to resolve conflict in positive ways and how to work together towards common goals & make better choices in life.
  • To establish a highly competitive atmosphere where youth will be challenged to do their best and bring the best out in each other
  • To provide a consistent healthy alternative to gang involvement & negative street activities.
  • To prepare youth for educational opportunities that may come their way via their talents emphasizing the importance of good grades, positive attitude, and character.


  • This initiative will provide recreational, cultural and educational opportunities during the summer to assist youth in developing life and communication skills. 
  • We will encourage youth to dream big and achieve beyond their circumstances. 
  • To be change agents in their community by reversing the negative statistics facing minority youth today.
  • To always be in the pursuit of excellence by not accepting mediocrity and making excuses.
  • To lending a helping hand and guidance to those young people who want to make a difference in their communities and society.