B.O.Y.S.S is a Social and Emotional Leadership Mentor program for Black Boys that are in the 7th – 10th  graders. We operate in 14-week quarters focusing on organization Pillars Pride, Character, Identity.  We end the year with culminating naming ceremony after the first year and assign the group a mentor. The program will work with a cohort of 10 to 12 boys each year.

B.O.Y.S.S Goals

  • To build confident black boys that will allow them to propel well beyond the circumstances and feel confident in their skin.
  • Increase the interest in their academic education
  • To equip black boys with the tools to succeed academically and personally
  • To create a system of support that is reflective to what the boys want in their life
  • To build emotional intelligence that will allow them to manager their emotions that will positively impact their life.